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Lindfors Foods

Lindfors Foods is a family-owned company concentrating on the berry business. The main business is to deliver sea buckthorn components and fractions to the food, cosmetics and nutraceutical as well as pharmaceutical industries.

One of the most important factors in the expertise of Lindfors Foods is the 30-year experience of its founder in the production of equipment and processing for the food industry. This experience and competence has been used to develop a new kind of harvesting and processing technology for berries. Lindfors Foods takes independently care of the whole chain from harvesting berries to marketing. Lindfors Foods is active in the development and improvement of sea buckthorn cultivation and research projects concerning health benefits.

Lindfors Foods derives berries both from their own fields as well as from contract farmers. Business is being being systematically developed in cooperation with farmers to produce high-quality berries. New harvesting and processing technology developed from start to finish by Lindfors Foods is being used in production.

Consumers are increasingly interested in healthy, functional foods, and the food industry has taken this increasingly into consideration in its products. Consumers are also interested in processing methods and the origin of raw materials.

Our business concept offers high-quality, competitive products for even the most demanding industrial clients.

Contract Farming

The Sea buckthorn berries of Lindfors Foods are derived from the own plantages of 5 hectares or from the contract farmers of Lindfors Foods, which are located in the vicinity of Kauhajoki and comprise totally 80 hectares. Kauhajoki area is known as the biggest Sea buckthorn cluster in Finland with over 80 hectares of Sea buckthorn plantations. Small quantity of the berries is purchased from an professional Estonian farmer to secure the stable availability of premium Sea buckthorn.

We are also doing co-operation in research and development with dozens of berry professionals located all over Finland and abroad.

Production and Quality

Our company’s production is based on the principles of sustainable development. In our production we are emphasizing ecological and also some economical ways to act.

In product and hygiene control we are doing close and routune type of co-operation with the foodstuffs laboratory of Kauhajoki. We are also following their so called “LaatuPlus” instructions in the field of quality.

Our production plant is audited e.g. by Raisio corporation in 2008.